The Rise of New ‘Avatars’

Once upon a time there was Y2k problem,

Which sent the world into consternation..,

The armies of Y2K soldiers were created,

Only to realize it was just a false proclamation,

And then, came .NET with the hype and hoopla,

Which made the techies go oo la la,

So much power and so good UI,

Everyone wanted to learn the GUI.

Not far behind was Java,

Lurking below the surface like Cassava,

But, it was the next big thing in tech world,

In which every engineer wanted to be baptised,

Institutes opened by dime a dozen,

To teach you Java, by hook, by crook or by simple certification.

As Java became mainstream, another monster reared its wings,

Started as a simple concept, but soon tied everyone in rings,

From West to the East, from North to the southern islands,

Everyone was scratching their noses and heads,

To make sense of something which they din’t understand,

Yet complying with what their customers made them stand,

Agile Agile Agile, everywhere, there was a call to be Agile,

Just change overnight and do it with a smile,

And when everyone was searching for answers,

There came a god sent army of caretakers,

The ‘Avatars’ were fondly called Agile coaches,

And soon they were everywhere from Russia to the Tropics,

The clan grew like the bumblebees,

You could find them in trenches and on trees,

And sooooo.. inspiring was this newest breed of humans,

Everyone just wanted to be one of the privileged ones,

But how to be a Agile coach was still a question unanswered,

I want to be an agile coach was where everyone’s mind wondered,

The magic potion was right there,

in the wonderful hands of training institutes and marketeers,

Just go to a class for three days

and be transformed into an agile coach, new profile and new careers,

Soon, the wonderful astrologers, whom we fondly called managers,

Got a new beautiful name, and were now called coaches and mentors,

But who has the time to check whether the mindset was there for change,

All that mattered was brand new logos and a certification to preen,

And so is the story of the rise of the power of Agile coaches,

All powerful as the new horizon in management approaches,

Now, as we wait for the next new thing to rise,

Hail our new heroes, the agile coaches, all wealthy and wise!


One response to “The Rise of New ‘Avatars’”

  1. Rajani Kanth Valluru Avatar
    Rajani Kanth Valluru

    So true

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